Privacy policy

Updated: 6th September 2023

Our Data Collection Philosophy

At FlashAI, we believe in minimal data collection. The sole piece of data we collect from our valued users is the email address used for purchasing the FlashAI license. That's it – nothing more.

Collection Mechanism

Your email is gathered via LemonSqueezy, our trusted payment partner, when you initiate the FlashAI license purchase.

Why We Need Your Email

Your email serves a singular purpose: to facilitate the delivery of your FlashAI license key. We promise not to misuse it for any other reason or share it outside our organization.

Ensuring Your Email's Safety

We respect your privacy. Your FlashAI license and potential API keys remain safely within your browser's confines. The only place we store your email is on LemonSqueezy's secured servers.

Navigating Data Protection Landscapes

Given that FlashAI is a Chrome extension, it's on our beloved users to ensure their use aligns with data protection regulations in their locale. We stand firm in our commitment to uphold best practices and will continually adjust our policies for alignment and compliance.

Reach Out To Us

Queries? Concerns? Feel free to touch base with us regarding any data protection concerns at