Access ChatGPT on Every Website with FlashAI

FlashAI is a powerful Chrome extension that integrates ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, into your browsing experience. Access AI-powered assistance and enhance your productivity on any website.

Take Your Web Experience to the Next Level.

flashai revolutionizes your browsing by providing AI-powered assistance and boosting your productivity.

Experience unparalleled simplicity. Transform sprawling articles and lengthy web pages into concise summaries with just a single click or keystroke.

Pay once use it forever

Use your own OpenAI API key.


  • Access to ChatGPT on all websites
  • Store and manage your own prompts
  • Summarize in one click
  • Advanced productivity tools
  • Enhanced support
  • 1 license for unlimited activations
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Frequently asked questions

    • Where is FlashAI accessible from?

      FlashAI operates as a Chrome extension, directly from your browser.

    • How do I secure an OpenAI API key?

      You can secure an OpenAI API key by navigating to Here, you can either sign up or log in to procure one.

    • Is it possible to devise my own prompts?

      Certainly! With FlashAI, you're endowed with the liberty to design tailored prompts that fit your requirements. For instance, if your field is marketing, you can craft marketing-centric prompts and bookmark them for immediate access in the extension dashboard.

    • What's the best way to connect with your assistance crew?

      For any queries or feedback regarding FlashAI, kindly get in touch at

    • How does FlashAI manage my license and OpenAI API key?

      Your license and OpenAI API key are safeguarded within your browser, ensuring no external sharing.

    • Does FlashAI access my personal information?

      Your privacy is paramount to FlashAI. The application functions solely within your browser, refraining from collecting or saving any user data.

    • What's the procedure to suggest features?

      Your insights are invaluable to us! For feature propositions or to flag any technical glitches, feel free to drop a note at